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Colored faucets

A colored faucet is the jewel of your kitchen sink. A large part of everyday life is spent in the kitchen, so the kitchen must be not only practical, but also visually pleasing. At its best, a kitchen faucet is a beautiful, complementary part of the rest of the interior. An elegant faucet combined in a color that matches the interior creates a beautiful look to your kitchen sink.

A black or chrome-colored faucet is always a safe choice, since both colors go well with almost any color and material. You can also combine different colors for a more experimental and personalized look.

In the trendy selection of LAPETEK faucets, you will surely find a faucet in a color that suits your interior. The LAPETEK faucet with a dishwasher valve is available in several different colors: traditional chrome, colors compatible with Silgranit sinks (anthracite, rock gray, alumetallic, white) and new colors gold, copper and gunmetal. In all LAPETEK faucets, the dishwasher valve is elegantly integrated into the faucet.

Soft white and Volcano gray, which follow the trend of warm neutral tones, have been added to the color selection of LAPETEK faucets. Soft white is a beautiful and warm off-white shade with hints of gray and beige. The new color goes particularly well with warm white and warm shades of gray and light brown. Volcano gray, on the other hand, is a warm and even, medium shade of gray, with brown nuances that bring warmth to the shade. The color goes elegantly and wonderfully with both light and dark brown and gray tones, as well as dark wood and concrete. Both colors can also be found in the color range of Blanco's Silgranit sinks.

The Silgranit look faucets from Blanco are available in all Silgranit colors. The selection includes a perfect pair for every Silgranit sink: a black faucet for a black sink, a white faucet for a white sink, or even a gray faucet for a gray sink. With a unified sink and faucet color scheme, you complement the kitchen's color scheme and create a harmonious whole, or you can create an interesting look in the kitchen by boldly combining colors.

In Blanco's Silgranit faucets, you can choose models with both fixed and pull-out shower heads. Models with a pull-out shower head are marked with the letter S after the product code. The pull-out shower head is a convenient addition to working in the sink, as the wide range of use it enables increases the functionality of the sink.

All LAPETEK faucets have a Finnish approval in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment's regulation that entered into force on January 1, 2020.

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