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AC - Apollo-V X1 90 black: In stock

AC - Apollo-V X2 90 black: In stock

EC - Apollo-V X1 90 black: In stock

EC - Apollo-V X2 90 black: In stock

Apollo-V X3 90 black: In stock


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Apollo-V-X - Elegant and timeless design

The high-quality and easy-to-use cooker hood is easy and comfortable to use, but still, stylish and suitable for the kitchen as a part of the interior. The new LAPETEK APOLLO-V-X is a timelessly elegant rooftop ventilation fan. You can choose a model that drives a traditional alternating current (AC) or a newer energy-efficient direct current (EC) motor or for the apartment buildings with shut-off valve control (X3). The suction area that goes around the entire lower part and the perimetric suction technology together improve the collection of steam. The color options are white, stainless steel and black.

The round shape is always trendy and blends elegantly into a small or larger kitchen. LAPETEK APOLLO-V-X can be installed next to the wall or on top of an island. In both options, its elegant design comes out beautifully. Easy-to-use functions, efficient and pleasently even light-producing Led lights and easy-to-clean grease filters make using the cooker hood easy and pleasant. The suction volume is mainly determined by the rooftop ventilation fan, the diameter and straightness of the chimney and the supply of replacement air.

All color options are available with its own motor, rooftop ventilation fan (X1 – AC and EC motors), humid space enhancement (X2 – AC and EC motors) and for apartment buildings with shut-off valve control (X3).

Operating functions

The stylish backlit Soft-touch buttons work logically and are pleasant to use. The adjustable timer function (X1) ensures that the steam will be removed even after cooking has stopped.

Powerful LED lights illuminate pleasantly and evenly the entire surface below. In addition, the luminaires come standard with a three-stage dimming function (EC and X3 models), which allows you to adjust the lighting to suit the mood and other lighting around the cooker hood.


The LAPETEK APOLLO-V cooker hood is always mounted on the ceiling, where it is easy and quick to install with a separate mounting frame and clear instructions with installation pictures.

Product information:
Ventilation systemX2-AC - kitchen+bath extraction
Ventilation systemX1-EC - kitchen extraction
Ventilation systemX1-AC - kitchen extraction
Ventilation systemX3 - central ventilation
Ventilation systemX2-EC - kitchen+bath extraction
Cooker hood colorBlack
Electrical connectionSocket 10 A
Suitable for the room height232 - 282 cm
With the air chimney extension-
Cooker hood width39 cm
In scope of supply