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DALAGO 6 Silgranit alumetallic: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit white: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit coffee: Availability date: 10/04/2023

DALAGO 6 Silgranit rock grey: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit matt black: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit tartufo: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit anthrazit: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit soft-white: In stock

DALAGO 6 Silgranit volcano-grey: In stock


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Popular sink model to suit various needs and styles

Dalago sinks are modern yet timeless kitchen sinks to suit many styles. The spacious sink provides the best possible usage comfort whether it is a coming into the kitchen or utility room. In this sink model, you can conveniently wash and soak even larger pans, pots and baking trays thanks to its smart, spacious design. The upper back part of the sink stays elegantly at the top of the kitchen worktop and is designed for placing a variety of accessories on such as a dishwasher faucet or even a detergent pump. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, these accessories are easy to attach seamlessly alongside the sink.

With practical accessories such as a multi-purpose basket and a cutting board, you can make working at the sink even more enjoyable. The accessories are designed to work with the sink so that they stay firmly in place, increasing both safety and comfort.
The Dalago sink is available in several colors, such as black, white, gray and brown. In addition to these colors, there is a wide range of other colors for even the most demanding tastes. The Silgranit material and shades are not only sleek looking, but also remarkably durable. The standard version of the Dalago sink is to be installed on top of the worktop but an flushmounted version (Dalago-F) is also available.

Available accessories

There is a comprehensive range of handy accessories available for the Blanco Dalago sink, making it even more functional.

- a beech cutting board is a convenient addition when peeling and chopping fruit, vegetables or bread on the sink or worktop
- the corner basket is excellent for rinsing fruit or for drying whisks or other small cooking tools. The corner basket is also convenient for storing a dish brush or a rag.
- a separate draining part works conveniently on top of the worktop so that the edge of the drain part is left inside the sink. This way, water flows directly from the opening at the edge of the drain part into the sink. A vegetable basket is a great help when rinsing salad, for example. The water drains well through the wire basket, which makes it easier to rinse the vegetables properly. In addition, the vegetable basket has a separate removable plate rack.

Product information:
Sink installation methodOver mounted
Sink cabin min. length60 cm
Depth of main sink190 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer pop-up
MaterialSilgranit (komposiitti)