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Sink + tap combo including quality chopping board

Sink and tap combo brings more functionality to your kitchen. Luna is a product pair of high quality and carefully finished stainless steel bowls. Every sink is made individually with high expertise and the latest production technology, providing a spacious, practical and elegant sink. Small radius in corners (R15 mm) and deep bowl (190 mm) create a modern appearance. Tap ledge is flat and smooth without the extra margins between the sink and the level section, rounded corners making the Luna sinks easy to keep clean.

Sink is available as a separate product or as package, when you can pair the sink with one of three Lapetek taps.

The combo includes a high class tap

Chopping board included in the combo

Luna combo includes a chopping board made of bamboo. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material for cutting boards. The fast-growing plant is a very sustainable material that is ideal cutting board material due to its antibacterial properties. Bamboo absorbs little moisture, is durable and long-lasting and does not consume the knife blade when cooking.

The cutting board is dimensioned to sit firmly on top of the sink. However, due to the natural material, each cutting board is unique and small dimensional differences may occur compared to the given dimensions.

Product information:
Sink installation methodOver mounted
Sink cabin min. length60 cm
Depth of main sink190 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer no pop-up
In scope of supply- LAPETEK rst sink
- bottom valve system
- domestic Prevex Smartloc water trap
- Lino-A-faucet, chrome
- chopping board