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The LAPETEK LINA-A faucet is a timelessly stylish novelty in the faucet market, which with its beautiful design emphasizes the look of the kitchen both more traditional and more modern styles. The design of the faucet is more traditional, but with a modern finish. Available in classic clear chrome or a stylish modern almost black anthracite shade, which goes especially well with BLANCO Silgranit anthrazit sinks. Both faucet shades go well with other silgranit shades too, so you can choose from several different color combinations from which you can choose the most suitable option for your kitchen.

The spout of the faucet is directed slightly upwards, which makes it more convenient for filling and rinsing even higher containers under it. The faucet operating lever is easily accessible and placed on top of the faucet, making it easy to operate and adjust. In addition to the kitchen, the faucet is also suitable for use in utility rooms.

Dishwasher valve

All LAPETEK LINA-A faucets have a fixed dishwasher connection which is elegantly placed under the faucet spout, making it easy to use. Thanks to the design that fits the faucet, the connection is an aesthetically beautiful part of the faucet and blends into the body of the faucet as stylishly as possible. Due to the ingenious design, you can easily identify whether the faucet is open or closed.

Type approval

All LAPETEK LINA-A faucets have the Finnish type approval in accordance with the regulations that were set on 1.1.2020, which guarantees that the faucets are not only technically high-quality but also safe to use.

Type approved faucets are

high quality and long lasting

safe to use (no harmful heavy metals are released into the water)

a reliable choice for new and renovation projects

Type approval is a product approval procedure set by the Ministry of the Environment for plumbing fixtures in buildings. The condition for obtaining type approval is that the product meets the technical requirements set for it. Our LAPETEK faucets meet all strict type approval requirements. The type approval of LAPETEK faucets (20-001463-TH) is valid until 9.3.2025.

Product information:
Tap hole35 mm
Tap colorSilgranit anthracite (black)
Spout limiter120 degrees
Type approvalFI
Sound levelClass 1
Dish washer valveYes
In scope of supply- LAPETEK Lina-A faucet with dishwasher valve